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top 5 beautiful plants that are impossible to kill | beginner approved

There are many beautiful, easy to take care plants. I wanted to select some that you maybe thought are not that easy and low maintenance. We often think that only sturdy looking plants are easy to take care of. Well, there are a few you would never thought that are easy to take care of and maybe because of that you always avoided bringing them home with you.


maranta care

Surprised to see that one type of the notorious high maintenance prayer plants in this category?

I wanted to include a plant that is breathtaking in it’s own unique way and tell you – yes you can have this gorgeous plant at home even if you are a complete plant noob.

Read my care&propagation article about the Maranta plant – Maranta – prayer plant: care and propagation guide – and you will be all set to have a Maranta of your own!

Maranta also tolerates low-to-medium light and likes moist soil. Keep the soil moist and water it with distilled or filtered water.


Monstera Deliciosa

I wanted to start of with the Monstera Deliciosa because it’s one of the most popular plants and yet not many people talk how this gorgeous plant is actually pretty durable and low maintenance.

They can be placed in a brightly lit spot or in lower light conditions, you can let the soil to dry out or water it using “the finger rule”, and they will survive.

If you are interested in a complete care&propagation guide – check out my article – Monstera Deliciosa: indoor plant care.




If you are looking for a small decorative plant, the Fittonia plant is an awesome choice. It tolerates low light so it can decor any part of your home.

Fittonia likes humidity and moist soil but don’t worry, there’s a reason why I ranked it in the top 5 easy to take care plants.

If you forget to water your Fittonia, it will tell you – you’ll see the plant drop, but don’t throw it out! Just water it and watch it rise again.


Pothos / Scindapsus

golden pothos

I would say this one categorizes as the most beginner friendly plant and I had to include it. This one is an extra low maintenance plant! If you give it medium to bright indirect light and let the soil dry out between watering, well, your Pothos will thrive.

Read more about Pothos care&propagation in my article – Golden Pothos: Complete beginner guide


Sansevieria / Snake plant

sansevieria aka snake plant

This one should probably be on top of the list as n.1. These is as low maintenance as it can get!

It can decorate any part of your house. It will tolerate low-to-medium light spots as well!

As it’s part of the succulent world – it doesn’t need high humidity levels!

Let the soil dry out between watering and your Sansevieria will be happy as a clam!

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