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Pachira Aquatica | care tips

Pachira Aquatica is such a special looking, beautiful plant that is easy to care for. It’s probably better known as the Money tree. It got this name because it’s believed it brings luck and good fortune. Here are my tips on how to care for your Pachira Aquatica.

The Money tree is usually sold as multiple trees intertwined, braided together. Similarly to the Schefflera plant, it has long stems at which end three or more (usually five) leaves grow out. I mean, it really looks special and brightens up a home just-like-that.

How often do you water a Money tree? | Pachira Aquatica watering

The key to watering the Pachira Aquatica is to let the soil dry out between watering. The Money tree has a “chonky” trunk that retains water, so you don’t have to worry if you wait for the soil to dry out. On the contrary, if you keep constantly watering it, the Pachira will eventually rot.

The “chonky” trunk will start to rot because of overwatering.

So, before you go and water your Money tree, feel the soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water it.

When will the soil dry out? It’s difficult to say. It may be one a week, once every two weeks or longer. This will depend on the size of the plant, on how much soil is in the pot, and other factors. You can read more about it in – 7 factors that affect your houseplant watering frequency.

Watering the Money tree

For this specific plant, I usually use the method of bottom watering. Since my plant is in a cover pot, its really easy for me to water it in this way.

I simply pour about 500 – 700 ml (approximately) into the cover pot and I wait for 15-30 min for the plant to absorb the water through the holes on the bottom of it’s nursery pot. All the water that’s left in the cover pot after 30 min, I throw out. This is really important to do.

You need to throw out all the water that your plant doesn’t absorb.

Even if you top water your plant, some water is bond to drain out, and if the plant doesn’t absorb it in a short while, you must throw out the excess water. The thing is, if you let the plant sit in water, it will be like you are literally drowning it. And if you keep it constantly in water like that, it’s just a matter of time when your plant will rot.

How much light does a Money tree need? | Pachira Aquatica lighting requirements

The Pachira Aquatica loves bright indirect light. I’ve actually always had it near a south facing window – but always protected by a light white curtain, from the harsh summer sun.

Pachira Aquatica has really sensitive leaves, even to the simple touch, so the hot sun can really damage them. If you choose to keep it near a south facing window, be aware of that.

Your Money tree will also be super happy in front of a west and east facing windows.

As for the north facing window, I’m not sure as I never had it in this kind of lighting, but I would say that – if it’s the only place you can put it, it’s better than anything. Just be aware that due to the limited lighting it gets, it will consume less water (you’ll need to water it less frequently) and it will grow a bit slower.

The Money tree will grow towards the light source, so if you want to keep it “even looking”, rotate your plant every once in a while. You can do it when you water it, so it’s probably easier to remember.

Does the Money tree need to be fertilized?

The Money tree needs to be fertilized during the growing season – somewhere from March to October.

I start fertilizing in early spring, and I do it once a month until autumn (October, November).

To fertilize it, I use a complete liquid fertilizer diluted in water. It’s important to follow the instructions on the packaging to know how much water to add to the fertilizer. Over-fertilization can cause a whole other set of problems and we don’t want that.

Is the Money tree poisonous to cats and dogs? | Pachira Aquatica toxicity

The Money tree is considered not poisonous to pets by the ASPCA. However, they advise that even non-toxic plants can produce minor stomach upset if ingested and, because of that, it’s better to discourage your pets from munching away on your Pachira plant.

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