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soil, pots & repotting

How to make a good potting mix

Having a houseplant in a well draining soil is crucial for its roots health. As compact, constantly wet soil is actually killing your plant, it’s important to understand why and how to achieve a well draining soil....

Plastic pot vs. terracotta pot

There are many types of plant pots, probably the most common ones are made out of plastic and terracotta. So, how do you choose which one is the best for your houseplant?

Repotting for beginners | when & how

Repotting can be intimidating if you are doing it for the first time, but don’t worry, it’s really easy! In this article I’ll focus more on basic stuff like when should you repot your plant and what size of pot to choose.

Discover and learn more about hanging plants

Ficus Lyrata vs Ficus Lyrata Bambino - is there any difference?

ficus lyrata bambino
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